Referral Program Ts&Cs

Each referral will reward you with a 10% payment should you request to be a paid affiliate/ambassador and after signing up at our affiliate/ambassador page on our website. In addition, the person who has enabled us to make the highest $ value of sales from their referrals with a minimum of $36000 achieved over the period of a maximum of 12 months will win a prize as such: flight in private plane or helicopter, luxury restaurant with one-on-one life & business review, afternoon at a luxury spa valued at $20000.

Payments will be issued only when commissions/referral fees due are over $149.

All amounts referred here are AUD.

Although we have no intention in changing them at this stage, prizes are subject to change at our discretion with no notice.

Only referrals where clients paid in full count. Referral fees, when applicable, will be paid out 90 days after fees were collected in full. If a referred client would get any refund the referral fee/commission will be clawed back. If you have been paid already prior to your referred client getting a refund and have no balance available of referral fees we owe you to offset a claw-back against we will issue an invoice for you to refund the referral fee. This is to cover us against dishonest operators who send non genuine referrals.

Where a referral is already in our database those will not count as a referral (evidence can be given if requested then). When a referral is provided by multiple parties the one who provided the details in full first and in an acceptable manner will be credited with the referral.

You consent for us to collect personal information from yourself and referred contacts.

Where possible if we are able to be near the location of the winner we may accommodate that but otherwise you must make your own way at your own cost to the airport or heliport where the prize will be delivered (likely to be Asia Pacific).

A minimum of 5 VIP packages sales (between minimum 18K to 250K AUD depending on options) coming from referrals must have happened within a 12 months period for the prize to trigger.

If there is more than one winner they will be in the same flight. If there are 2 ex-aequo that have achieved the same and highest number of referral dollars, we will buy additional lunch and spa for both of them but the flight will be shared (and there has to be a minimum of 2 fully paid referred VIP package sales per each as a minimum for this to happen). Over 3 ex-aequo we may change the price to make logistics more manageable.

We may also allow the most proactive and value adding member as an additional recipient of the prize or part of the prize.

The prize is not a lottery or based on luck or chance but purely on the number of $ sales made thanks to referrals provided that eventuate to sales. There is no ticket for sale or fee to be paid to participate.

Who can enter

Anyone receiving the invitation to participate, customers for Australia Business Coaching and Meant For Business preferably

How to enter

Simply by making referrals and signing up as an affiliate on the affiliate page


From the time and date you start – for up to 12 months. May be extended or cancelled if we did not reach a minimum of 5 full price VIP program sales at a minimum of $18000 each. Draw will happen roughly 12 months after the challenge started and we achieved minimum sales requirement or whenever a minimum total of $250000 of sales from referrals over the period were achieved. We will publish the announcement when a winner is eligible on our social media and to our email list if the prize is won and notify the winner individually by email and phone.

Prize requirements

To win a participant/client must have made referrals that turned into a minimum of 2 sales at a minimum total of $36000, below that even if you are the first achiever in $ terms from your referrals the prize will not be claimable and the prize will be canceled. The 10% referral fee can be paid to all who made successful referrals that turn into a sale, but the prize will only happen if a total of $90000 minimum happened and the winner has provided leads that turned into 2 sales minimum ($36000 minimum fully paid before the end of the period).

Terms and conditions

All terms and conditions on our website and rules and conditions set out in the affiliate and ambassador program material also apply. This includes:

–    You cannot take payment direct from clients for our services

–    You cannot act or make commitments on our behalf

–    You cannot make promises that are unlawful or inaccurate and you cannot claim to be part of our company

–    You must use our approved material for referral promotion provided in the affiliate/ambassador resources page